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News & Events

Welcome to the Paradeep Municipality

Paradeep Municipality was constituted as an NAC vide H & U.D. Department Notification No. 31169/HUD, Dt. 27.9.79 and converted in to Municipality Vide H & U.D. Notification No. 47302/ Dt. 12.12.2002.

Explorer Paradeep

Paradip is a town and a municipal area in Jagatsinghapur District in the Indian state of Orissa.

Paradeep (210 15’ 55-44” N 806 40’ 34-62” E) is a major port in India and is the main outlet & inlet of the sea-borne trade of the eastern port.

Orissa has a rich maritime history. The establishment of Port of Paradeep in 1962 was a tribute to the past maritime glory of Orissa. It also signaled the economic development of the state, giving impetus to trade and commerce. It has become the gateway of Orissa to the International community. Subsequently, Paradeep has become a hub of industrial activities. Industries like, IFFCO, PPL, CARGILL, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, Carbon etc. have been established here. From administrative view point, Paradeep N.A.C. was constituted vide H & U.D. Department Notification No. 31169, dated 27.9.1979 and actually started functioning with effect from 18.9.1980. Subsequently this N.A.C. was upgraded to Municipality under section 424 of Orissa Municipal Act. 1950 vide H. & U.D. Deptt Notification no. 47302/HUD ,dt. 12.12.02. This Municipality comprises of only five Revenue Villages namely

  1. Udachandrapur

  2. Chauliapalanda

  3. Sandhakuda

  4. Bijayachandrapur

  5. Bhitaragarh.

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Audit Report of 2019-20

Audit Report of 2018-19

Audit Report of 2017-18

Urban Wage Employment Initiative (UWEI)

Draft Analyzed USHA Data for Land Entitlement Certificate

Download RTI on SBM

Download RTI

Plastic Waste Management



Public Hearing of Sanitary Landfill Site at Bhitargarh

Link-1-EIA Report in English

Link-2-EIA Report in Odia

Link-2-Executive Summery in Odia

Short Tender Call Notice on Dated 03-05-2017

Notification for Solid Waste Management..

Now Aahar at Paradeep...................

Swayata Sasan Diwas-2015

Swayat Sasan Diwas is going to be celebrated on 30th August to 31th August.


Sj. Basanta Biswal declared as Chairperson of Paradeep Municipality.

Public Hearing of Sanitary Landfill site at Bhitargarh (EIA Report & Executive Summery)

Voters Result Sheet.


General Election to Paradeep Municipality is to be held on dt 07.04.2015 for elected Councillors in 19 Nos. of Wards.


For eridication of Jaundic, Awarness Program are conducted in all Slum area, Basti.


Swachha Bharat Mission is going on from 25 Spt to 02 oct 14.


For eridication of DENGUE & CHICKEN-GUNIA Fogging and Bay-Tex spray operation is going on in 19 wards

Accounting Format

Paradeep Municipality Now Implementing Accural Based Double Entry Accounting System From 1st of October 2013.

Children's Park Inaguration

Children's park was inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister of H & FW Dept. Dr. Damodar Rout on 19th feb 2014

Advertisement for DAY-NULM published in Tender Page